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We breed Registered Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys for Sale. Our miniature donkey breeding focuses on Conformation, Temperament and Color. Brayfields Donkey Farm is located in Odessa, Florida.

Brayfields Miniature Donkeys for SaleWe have two miniature donkey breeding herds; one for spots and the other one for bright red sorrels. Our donkeys are imprint trained from birth through adulthood. We train some for show events and many to drive. Miniature donkeys are companionable, playful, and they become quite attached to their owners, they also have unique qualities. Miniature donkeys are affectionate, and by nature people loving. There are many activities you can enjoy with a mini donkey. Miniature donkeys can be easily trained to lead and pull miniature carts. You can also attend different local, regional and national shows around the country and show in halter, and attend performance classes as well. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions about miniature donkeys and donkey care helpful tips. We are always happy to talk about mini donkeys.

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Call Tom Krueger, Owner
Phone: (813)781-7143
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Sarah Johnson, Farm Manager
Phone: (813)304-4662

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