Brayfield’s Miniature Donkeys For Sale

Brayfields Storm Cloud

Brayfields Storm Cloud

Brayfields Storm Cloud
DOB: October 14, 2016 – Jack
Note: Available at 10 months. Will be priced at that time.

Merry Go Round’s Talleulah

Merry Go Rounds Talleulah

Merry Go Round’s Talleulah
DOB: August 27, 1999
Height: 34.5″ | Color: Beautiful Red Jenny | Reg#: 25566 Microchipped

Brayfields Samanta

Brayfields Samanta

Brayfields Samanta
DOB: August 16, 2016 | Color: Beautiful Red
SIRE – Mr. Independence (30″) | DAM – Cinnamon (33”)
Great conformation, and very sweet attitude. In the right picture you can see her with mom, Cinnamon.
Available when weaned in January – February 2017.

RDC Dominick

RDC Dominick - Gelding

RDC Dominick – Gelding
DOB: December 22, 2009
ADMS#: Chipped and registered with MDR | Height: 34”
Color: Dark Chocolate Brown (summer coat)
SIRE – Circle C Red Tape (33″) | DAM – LAS Laura (34”)
Dominick is a great looking donkey and slicks out to a rich
chocolate brown, with nice white points and some garters.

RDC Marcello

RDC Marcello - Gelding

RDC Marcello – Gelding
DOB: April 2, 2012
ADMS#: Registered | Height: 32 1/4” | Color: Chocolate Brown
SIRE – Circle C Red Tape | DAM – SF Lolita (32″)
Marcello is a sweet laid back little donkey with great show quality conformation and balance.

RDC Bella Sera

RDC Bella Sera

RDC Bella Sera – DOB: February 7, 2009 – SOLD
Going to new home near Orlando to join two other Brayfields donkeys at this beautiful home!

RDC Enzo

RDC Enzo

RDC Enzo – Gelding
DOB: February 23, 2010
ADMS#: Chipped and registered MDR | Height: 30″
Color: Dark Chocolate Brown (Summer Coat)
SIRE – Circle C Red Tape (33″) | DAM – SF Oma (30″)
Enzo is a very sweet little boy. He’s a cute little guy with white points,
and slicks out to a chocolate brown color with a nice white belly.

Brayfield’s Izabella

Brayfields Izabella
Brayfield’s Izabella
DOB: May 13, 2015
Jenny – Black

Brayfield’s Mary Lou

Brayfields Mary Lou
Brayfields Mary Lou
DOB: September 14, 2012
Beautiful Brown Jenny
Height: 32″ Micro chip

SF Papa’s Magic (Poppy)

Someday Farms Papa's Magic (Poppy)

SF Papa’s Magic (Poppy)
DOB: February 17, 2008
Peg: #58553 | Height: 33 1/4″ | Jenny – Brown
SIRE – SF Duc Holiday | DAM – SF Black Magic (30″)
Papa’s Magic (aka Poppy) is a lovely brown jenny with good conformation,
and is progeny of the “Someday Farms” line, one of the
original Texas miniature donkey herds! Makes friends easily.
She is in excellent health, with regular hoof trimming, worming, and vaccination.
Would be great as a brood jenny, for the show ring, or just as a pet! She leads and loads well.

Brayfields Georgio

Brayfields Georgio

Brayfields Georgio
DOB: August, 18 2015
Microship: 978101081483553 | Gelding
Georgio is a perfect little guy, should mature at under 30″.

Rancho Galleano’s Spartacus

Rancho Galleano's Spartacus
Rancho Galleano’s Spartacus  
DOB: September 5, 2005
Gelding | Height: 32.5″
Pedigree Documents

Spartacus started his life at Rancho Galleano in Eagle Point, Oregon.
After starting his breeding career in Oregon. He moved to Missouri
until Brayfields purchased the small herd he was in charge of.
He is now retired and is a gelding. Sparky is looking fro a new home!
He has produced some great foals for us.

BWH Princess Kate

BWH Princess Kate
BWH Princess Kate
DOB: June 7, 2014 | Jenny – Dark Brown
SIRE – Motown’s Magic | DAM – Merry Go Round’s Talleuah

Brayfield’s Augustus

Brayfields Augustus
Brayfields Augustus in Training
Yes Augustus, You have to pull the cart with me in it.

The Elms Perta

The Elms Perta
The Elms Perta
DOB: June 27, 2010 | Jenny – Black | Height: 31.5″
Has brown winter coat, when she sheds, she will be all black.

Brayfield’s Gabriel Noel

Brayfields Gabriel Noel
Brayfield’s Gabriel Noel
DOB: May 29, 2015 | Jenny – Black

Brayfields Teresa

Brayfields Teresa
Brayfields Teresa
JennyDOB: June 13, 2014
SOLD – Going to new home in Jupiter, FL.

Cindy Red Dress

Brayfields Cindy Red Dress
Cindy Red Dress
A Great Registered Jenny. DOB 10-15-13
Perfect In Every Way. Height: 30″
We have both Mom & Dad her on the farm.

Brayfield’s Sara Elizabeth

Brayfields Sara ElizabethBrayfield’s Sara Elizabeth
SOLD to New home in Hanies City with three children that will love them.

Brayfield’s Fire Cloud (Franko)

Brayfields Fire Cloud (Franko)Brayfield’s Fire Cloud (Franko)
SOLD to New home in Hanies City with three children that will love them.

Brayfield’s Jelly Bean

Standard Jenny Named Jelly Bean

Brayfields Marco Pepperjack

Brayfield's Marco Pepper Jack
DOB: July 28, 2013
Gelding – Brown & White Spotted
SIRE – Maxium Pepper Jack | DAM – Tabatha GM Conrad’s
Pedigree Documents

Marry Go Rounds CECE

Marry Go Rounds CECE
DOB: May 17, 2008
 – JENNY –
Weight: 266lbs | Height:33 1/2″ | Dark Brown | Chip #147633132A
SIRE – Merry Go Round’s Whose Your Daddy | DAM – Merry Go Round’s Miss Diva

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