Miniature Donkey’s History


Miniature donkeys were first imported to the United States in the late 1920’s from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. In the Mediterranean they were used as beasts of burden, living a life of hardship. On their native islands, the little mini donkeys are now extinct.

The original importers were wealthy American families who kept these little pets on their estates as extended family. On original import records from this time you can see that the favorite color to import was “mouse” color – gray. Of course there are many colors of gray from a silver to a gun metal gray. Also, many colors of brown are in the original import bloodlines – tan to a brown/black.

At this writing there are only approximately ten thousand miniature donkeys in the United States. A miniature donkey at his adult height should not be taller than thirty six inches at his shoulders. A good average height by today’s standards would be thirty-four inches/with the smallest around 28 inches.

We tell people who purchase from our farm that they are adding a lifetime pet to their family, for a miniature donkey may live to be thirty or more years old.